Welcoming Remark By Mr.Hun Many 2013 –Download

Opening Remark By Mr.Hun Sen Prime Minister Kingdom Of Cambodia –Download

Closing Remarks By Mr.Hun Many 2013 –Download

Introduction Of AYC –Download

AYC Activities 1972-2006 –Download

List of early member of AYC –Download

Past  Executive Committee member – Download

Report 2006 – Download

Report 2007 – Download

Report 2008 –Download

Report 2009 –Download

Report 2011 –Download

Report 2013 –Download

Report 2014 –Download

Report 2015 –Download

Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy (CENTHRA) –Download

Regional Partnership as a vehicle to enhance “Peace,Democracy and Development” (Tok Wee Kee) – Download

Country Report 2016 (All China Youth Federation) – Download

Country Report 2016 (Jatiya Tarun Sangha Bangladesh) –Download

Country Report 2016 (Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia) –Download

Country Report 2016 (The People’s  Association Youth Movement Singapore) –Download