Advisory Board


Dr Mohamed Khir Toyo (Malaysia)

Mr. HE Moammar AL Eryani (Yemen)

Dr.Kwang Sun Cha (Korea)

Mdm. Srisak Thairry (Thailand)

Mr. Jackie Goh (Singapore)

President AYC (Ex officio)


The Asian Youth Council is non-governmental regional youth organization, formed on the 14th of August 1972, to provide a common platform for Asian youth and youth leaders pursuing similar objectives for economic and social development. Memberships of AYC comprised of national youth organization recognized by their respective governments.

Since its establishments, AYC has cultivated many leaders in various fields such as politics, economics, businesses, NGOs etc. Many of them have moved on to take up active and prominent role in serving their respective country and communities.

To further strengthen AYC as well as to continue to benefit from the vast experience of our former members, the AYC General assembly on 26th February 2016 has formed AYC Advisory Board.