Malaysia-Laos International Youth Exchange Program Invigorate Youth Positive Virtue


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A total of 43 youths incorporated in the 2nd Malaysia-Laos International Youth Exchange Program organised by the Kuala Lumpur International Youth Center (IYC) in Vientiane, Laos, recently.

The 4 days program resulted from the collaboration with the Asian Youth Council (AYC) and Malaysia Youth Hostel Association (MYHA) also has its own uniqueness. Despite the travel costs and expenses upon the responsibility of the participant is on their own, the response to this programme is very gratifying.

The participation received mostly came from higher education institute college student range from 18 to 30 years-old other than few representatives from another youth organization from all over the country.

This Youth Exchange Program is a common activity in many countries. Other than engaging relationship between countries, this program also can intensify the cooperation of youth in variety of sector such as culture, education, technology, economy and social.

The Director of Kuala Lumpur International Youth Center which also holds the title of the Secretary General of Asian Youth Council, Mr. Mohamed Maliki Rapiee said that this program not only focusing on the concept of common organized youth exchange program rather it holds its own positive value which can be implement in all of the activities.

The objectives are to strengthen the friendship bond between the youth in Malaysia and Laos especially in Vientiane City. They implement the volunteering value and have the chance to explore the knowledge and culture in different outland which also can help to boost self-potential towards optimum excellence.

“Not only that, we are also exposing the youth with the culture and new region in the countries that been visited so that they can gain valuable experience especially in term of voluntary activities joined by them. For this time, the program enables the youth to be a volunteer in orphanage house, Azahar Mosque in Vientiane and circumcision program for young boys there.

“The youth sharing session in the National University of Laos also became a scholarly discussion between Malaysia participants and the university students relevant with the development of education and youth between the two countries. Another than the trip to education institute and volunteering activities, the participants are also brought to visit few historical location such as the National Museum of Laos, War Monument of Patuxai, Stupa Phat That Luong, Mekong River and not to be mentioned the Talat Sao Shopping Mall.

“ To be conclude, this Malaysia-Laos International Youth Exchange Program can be seen to successfully achieved its objective when each participants satisfied with the program fulfilment arranged by the organizer and they hope that this kind of program will be organize again in the future” he said.

(Harian Metro, 6th June 2016)

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